I love trees. All kinds of trees.

I can look at them for hours, savoring their beauty, in awe with every twirl of a branch and rustle of a leaf. Like a lover looking at her partner's beauty, all their little details and imperfections that makes them, them- I look at trees the same way. When I watch trees everything and everyone else fades away.

Standing tall and firm in all its glory. Smiling at us as we walk by, caressing us with the rustle of leaves in a passing breeze. Trees deepen and reinforce my appreciation of beauty that I already see in the lush greenery of Sri Lanka.

The unfiltered and untainted exquisiteness. Soothing to the eyes and calming to the heart. Bringing gratitude I feel for everything that is already good in my life to the forefront.

Transporting me to a place of peace. A garden full of trees means having your own paradise, to sit in the midst of them when you feel beaten down, overwhelmed and exhausted from life’s stressors or a long day at work, is therapy on its own. They are a remedy for the broken heart.

Trees don’t need us. Trees need nature to grow and flourish. We need trees.

Where there is a tree, there is value. Shade, beauty, tranquil coolness, food and life-giving oxygen are some of the things trees give us just by existing.

Trees are firmly rooted, with the ability to nurture themselves during growth. They bloom wherever they are planted. Detached from worldly things, trees are non-judgmental of its imperfections and imperfections of their other tree friends. If trees can speak, this is what they will teach us.

Herman Hesse said that there is ‘nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, strong tree’

When you look at a massive tree it is almost unimaginable that they come from a tiny seed. But they don’t let their initial smallness limit their potential. They know how to grow, if you cut them they just keep going. If they hit a block they grow round it, patiently, steadily, persistently.

Right from the beginning of time, trees and plants share the same air, sunlight and water. They have the right to stay on the planet as much as we do.

When we deliberately hurt a plant or tree, we damage the lungs of earth, a purifier of the air that keeps us alive. When we destroy them irresponsibly, they scream in silence. They cry not just for themselves but also for all of us.

Without trees, the world we inhabit will be darker and dimmer.

When we plant a tree, we leave more than a tree behind.



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Rochelle Abeywardena

Rochelle Abeywardena


Poetry. Writer. ‘We are all stumblers, and the beauty and meaning of life are in the stumbling’