Rain drops falling with grace

Kissing the earth, sweet and wet

Like lovers lost in time and space

loving in secret, in the open

A meditation to watch

Through broken window panes

Washing away the old

Making way for the new

For love to flow where rivers meet



Memories of pain

Tells a story of love

Sides of the same coin

Tossed at every turn

Pain and pleasure

Is really all the treasure

A journey worth taking

Like stardust bursting

One must break

To begin afresh

Depths of despair

is the way to euphoria




The hour or two

Before sunrise

Brings me to my center

A remedy for the shattered

it’s food for the soul

Healing and beautiful

It makes me whole

I couldn’t have loved you so

As much as I do

If I didn’t love my mornings

As much as I do



When the stars aligned that night

Everything felt right

The river below

wide, moving slow

Like the kisses you gave

Tender and soft

I’m still tasting them

Long after you’re gone

Quiet, empty dark spaces

Just made for the two of us

Sparkling against the sky

Hand in hand we walked

With silence between us

And serenity within us

I have painted that night

In my head a thousand times

A dreamy kind of magic

Has enveloped me

As I write this poetry



The moon rested next to you

glowing, in its crescent shape

Stars were next to me

sparkling like a crystal spring

Out from nowhere

came a northern star

Shining to guide me

along my long broken road

Every blow, bruise and bump

Seems to point me towards

My northern star

I think of you before I close my eyes

and dream you kissed me insane

Even love surrendered

just like me to your eyes

that night



Rochelle Abeywardena

Rochelle Abeywardena


Poetry. Writer. ‘We are all stumblers, and the beauty and meaning of life are in the stumbling’